Young days of St. Faustina

She left her family home for the first time when she was 16. She went to work as a servant in order to help her poor parents. The mysterious lightness, which she experienced at that time, called her to dedicate her life to be owned exclusively by God. Her parents did not allow her to enter the convent. Two years later, she once again expressed her will to her father and mother. This time they also firmly opposed. Only the urging of Christ, who showed her His suffering due to sluggishness in fulfilling his holy will, forced her to follow immediately her vocation. It took place during a dancing party in the municipal park of Łódź. On August 1, 1925, at the age of twenty, she crossed the door of the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Warsaw.

And as I was thus regretting my blindness, I suddenly saw the Lord Jesus, radiant wish unspeakable beauty, and He said to me with kindness, My chosen one, I will give you even greater graces that you may be the witness of My infinite mercy throughout all eternity.  
(Diary, 400).